Collaborating With Me Information and Inquiry Form

What's the rub?

Its simple! The form below offers collaborative opportunities where we can amplify our creative voices and engage with readers in exciting new ways. Some of the following is what I offer in terms of collaboration via social media and my website and blog. Check it out:

Collaboration Opportunities:

1. Review Swaps:

  • Exchange honest book reviews, providing valuable feedback for each other's work. Embrace constructive critique and celebrate the beauty of shared insights.

2. Newsletter Swaps:

  • Connect with new audiences by swapping newsletter features. Share your latest releases, author insights, and connect with readers who might resonate with your unique storytelling. We can share links to any places you like.

3. Instagram Stories Swap:

  • Let's swap Instagram with shared stories! I share whatever post you like and you share mine. Whether it's behind-the-scenes glimpses or exclusive content, let's captivate our followers together. You never know who's watching. Well... actually you do if you check insights lol.

4. Dual Release Parties:

  • Celebrate book launches in style! Host dual release parties to double the excitement and draw a larger crowd. Two books, double the fun!

5. Author Interview Series:

  • Join me in the spotlight! Participate in an engaging Author Interview Series, where we delve into the intricacies of our writing journeys. Share your story with a broader audience by sharing the link the interview wherever your fans may be and I'll do the same!

6. Book Recommendation Exchange:

  • Let's help our followers discover hidden gems by swapping book recommendations We can introduce each other's works to our respective readerships, thus expanding literary horizons and building a network of book-loving friends!

7. Book Promo Swap:

  • Boost visibility across platforms! Post each other's books on various platforms, doubling the promotional power and reaching wider audiences.

How Collabs Work:

- Stipulations:

  • While collaboration is flexible, let's ensure a fair exchange. Following, tagging, and promoting are encouraged but not mandatory. Respectful and supportive collaboration is our key.

- Optimal Collaboration Size:

  • To maintain effectiveness and foster meaningful engagement, collaboration spots are limited, but right now everything is open:
    • Review Swaps: 2 authors at a time.
    • Instagram Stories Share: 2 authors at a time.
    • Author Interview Series: 1 author per featured week.
    • Themed Instagram Takeovers: 2 authors per theme.
    • Others: Open to discussion based on mutual agreement.

About Me:

I'm Tish Thomas an author on a journey to create enchanting worlds and memorable stories. Collaboration, to me, is a celebration of shared creativity and a chance to build lasting connections with fellow authors.

Ready to Collaborate? Let's Connect!

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Let's weave stories, make memories, and create a literary legacy together!

Happy Collaborating, Sharing! Dreamer & Collaborator Extraordinaire 🌟✨