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Author Resources

1. Silver Dagger Book Tours:

  • Website: Silver Dagger Book Tours
  • Key Points: Silver Dagger Book Tours is known for offering a variety of book tour services, including virtual book tours, cover reveals, and author interviews. They have a user-friendly website and a range of affordable packages.

2. Xpresso Book Tours:

  • Website: Xpresso Book Tours
  • Key Points: Xpresso Book Tours is a popular choice for authors seeking reasonably priced book tour services. They provide services like blog tours, book blitzes, and cover reveals. The platform is well-organized, making it easy for authors to navigate.

3. Rachel's Random Resources:

  • Website: Rachel's Random Resources
  • Key Points: Rachel's Random Resources specializes in organizing blog tours for authors. They offer various affordable tour packages, including cover reveals and book spotlights. The website provides clear information and a straightforward submission process.

4. Lola's Blog Tours:

  • Website: Lola's Blog Tours
  • Key Points: Lola's Blog Tours is a reliable option for authors looking for budget-friendly book tours. They offer blog tours, book blitzes, and cover reveals. The website provides detailed information about their services and a straightforward process for authors.

5. Rockstar Book Tours:

  • Website: Rockstar Book Tours
  • Key Points: Rockstar Book Tours is known for its book tour services tailored for authors. They offer virtual book tours, cover reveals, and author interviews. The website has a professional layout with clear information about their services.

6. The Write Reads:

  • Website: The Write Reads
  • Key Points: The Write Reads is a community-driven book tour platform that offers affordable services for authors. They focus on blog tours and have a strong social media presence. The platform is known for its supportive author community.

7. Storytellers On Tour:

  • Website: Storytellers On Tour
  • Key Points: Storytellers On Tour specializes in organizing blog tours for fantasy and science fiction genres. They provide affordable tour options and have a well-designed website that showcases their featured books.

8. Book Glow Media:

  • Website: Book Glow Media
  • Key Points: Book Glow Media offers book promotion services, including book tours, for various genres. They have affordable options for authors seeking to increase the visibility of their books. The website is user-friendly with clear information.

9. Goddess Fish Promotions:

  • Website: Goddess Fish Promotions
  • Key Points: Goddess Fish Promotions is a well-established book tour company offering a range of promotional services. They have affordable options for blog tours and virtual book tours. The website provides detailed information and a submission form.

10. Enchanted Book Promotions: 

- Website: Enchanted Book Promotions 

Key Points: Enchanted Book Promotions specializes in organizing virtual book tours for authors. They offer affordable packages that include a variety of promotional features. The website is easy to navigate, providing authors with clear information about their services.

Other must-try Resources for Authors

  • Reedsy:

    • Reedsy provides a range of services for indie authors, including professional editing, book cover design, and marketing assistance. They also offer a free book formatting tool.

  • Draft2Digital:

    • Draft2Digital is a self-publishing platform that helps authors distribute and market their ebooks. They offer tools for formatting, conversion, and distribution to multiple online retailers.

  • ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors):

    • ALLi is a global association supporting self-published authors. They offer a wealth of resources, including guides, advice, and a supportive community.

  • BookBub Partners:

    • BookBub Partners provides insights and resources for book marketing. Authors can access articles, webinars, and tips on how to effectively promote their books.

  • KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) University:

    • KDP University offers free webinars and resources for authors using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Topics include book formatting, marketing strategies, and more.

  • The Creative Penn:

    • The Creative Penn is Joanna Penn's website, offering a treasure trove of information for indie authors. It covers writing, publishing, and marketing, with a focus on self-publishing.

  • Book Marketing Tools:

    • Book Marketing Tools provides resources and tools to help authors promote their books effectively. They offer book promotion services, free guides, and marketing tool recommendations.

  • Indie Author Project:

    • Indie Author Project supports self-published authors by providing tools and resources for book promotion. They also offer opportunities to showcase indie books in libraries.

  • Jane Friedman:

    • Jane Friedman is a publishing industry expert, and her website offers a wealth of articles and resources on writing, publishing, and book marketing.

  • BookBaby Blog:

    • BookBaby Blog features articles on various aspects of self-publishing, including writing tips, book marketing strategies, and industry news.

  • Indie Author Resources:

    • Writer's Digest: Writer's Digest is a comprehensive resource for writers, offering articles, webinars, and competitions. The site covers various genres and aspects of the writing process.

  • The Self-Publishing Formula:

    • The Self-Publishing Formula by Mark Dawson provides resources, podcasts, and courses for indie authors. The focus is on practical strategies for book marketing and building a successful author career.